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Tilted Kilt

Barnhill worked with the Tilted Kilt management to upgrade their brand and establish new standards as they transitioned from a single location in Las Vegas to a national franchise.

Ronald Reagan

In 1985, Barnhill produced video segments for former President Ronald Reagan in his Culver City office that were sent out to various organizations when he was not able to make a personal appearance. 


During the late 1980ʻs, Barnhill worked with Doug and Susie Tomkins helping to expand the brand by developing the "store-within-a-store" concept. This entailed designing contemporary retail merchandising fixtures and reconfiguring the Dallas Apparel Mart suite. Barnhill traveled with various sales representatives for ESPRIT to implement seasonal rollouts.

Western Union

Working with the corporate office in Englewood, Colorado, Barnhill managed the variable data print production that supplied POS materials to over 5,000 unique Western Union locations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  


Barnhill managed the branding and supplied all of the print and collateral materials for scheduled Harlem Globetrotter events. This engagement included POS design as well as direct mail and venue-specific promotions.

KC Royals

During the 2015 season, Barnhill managed the creation of the season passes for the KC Royals ticket holders and generated all of the corresponding collateral materials which were assembled into a customized envelope and mailed to each subscriber.

Pono Pass™

Barnhill worked with his forty-year-long partner Craig Chapman to develop The Pono Pass™ and a corresponding website to help "Re-Imagine Hawaiiʻi Tourism."

McKinney Pass™

While Hawaiʻi was in recovery, Barnhill rolled out a similar version of the Pono Pass™ in McKinney, TX to provide a proof of concept.


When QR codes first became a marketing tool, Barnhill introduced GreenEarth Cleaning to the concept and then made the technology the focal point of their 2012 trade show. 

Bass Pro Shops

During the late 1980ʻs, Barnhill provided photography and design services to Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri. This engagement involved product set design as well as on-location product photoshoots. Barnhill worked directly with the founder Johnny Morris on numerous occasions.

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